Thyroid Ultrasound-Guided thermal ablative techniques

T.N.T. (Thyroid Nodule Therapies) ASSOCIATION is an International Medical Organization focused on improvement and the worldwide dissemination of Thyroid Ultrasound-Guided thermal ablative techniques to treat Thyroid nodules in a minimally invasive way.

Thur- Fri 26-27 October, 2023
Thur-Fri 7-8 December, 2023

Venue: The Endocrine & Thyroid Clinic,
Reggio Emilia, Italy
Viale Martiri di Piazza Tien an Men 2/U


We organize a T.N.T. (Thyroid Nodule Therapies) biennial Meeting and we produce Theoretical, practical end tutorial courses of thyroid interventional procedure.


Our mission is improvement and worldwide dissemination of Thyroid Ultrasound-Guided thermal ablative techniques through educational physical and on-line activities.

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Thyroidology in Pills

Thyroid Cysts

Thyroid cystic lesions are a frequent finding in Thyroid Ultrasound (US) clinical practice, representing up to 30% of all thyroid nodules studied by US. In almost all cases, it is a completely benign finding. Rarely, a papillary cystic tumor may mimick benign cysts. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is generally obtained from the wall of cystic lesions to exclude papillary cystic malignant tumor.

Thyroid: Anatomy and Embyology

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located in the anterior median median face of the neck. It consists of two lateral lobes united by a bridge, called isthmus.

What is a thyroid nodule?

Thyroid nodules are an almost para-physiological condition, therefore extremely common especially in people over 50 years old. The nodules in question are generally very small and benign. The benign nodules, which have no clinical significance, are much more common than malignant ones. Nevertheless open surgery is frequently prescribed for bening nodules. Ultrasound-guided minimally invasive thermal therapies can successfully treat benign nodules. Also, small micropapillary tumors, that are 70-80 % of thyroid malignant tumors, can be thermally ablated thus saving the thyroid gland from surgical treatments.