Changing the lives of those with THYROID problems is possible. Specialists at 2nd TNT Meeting in Reggio Emilia

More than 40,000 patients in Italy with thyroid gland disorders, undergo total thyroid removal which can often be avoided with more innovative methods. The TNT Association has organized the 2nd Congress dedicated to Termoablative Minimally Invasive Ultrasound Guided Therapy. The #SaveyourThyroid campaign has been launched.

Women (about 80%) undergo total removal of the thyroid through standard surgery though in a high percentage of cases, it is possible to eliminate most “benign” nodules as well as malignant ones ( known as Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma) , thanks to advanced technologies, such as radiofrequency, microwave, laser, and focused ultrasound techniques.

TNT Association, a scientific association, founded in Italy and active internationally, has as its mission the dissemination and promotion of minimally invasive therapy through radio frequency (RF) and other hyperthermia technologies for the ablation of THYROID nodules, to healt workers as well as the general public in order to increase awareness of the available options for treatment today.

A #SaveyourThyroid media campaign has been launched to inform the public how, in most cases, they could avoid surgery using outpatient procedures under ultrasound guidance without the need for surgical incisions benefiting from all the inherent advantages of this practice.

An important opportunity to compare the state-of-the-art therapies will be at the 2nd conference dedicated to Termoablative ultrasound guided therapy to be held in Reggio Emilia, Italy, on the 23rd and 24th of June 2023. Numerous professionals from all over the world are expected to attend.

The meeting, organized by TNT Association President, Roberto Valcavi, includes a scientific Committee made up of the most important specialists in the field from Korea, Turkey, Japan, USA, Spain, Italy and the collaboration of many clinical doctors from various countries.